Snowmobile Restoration

Leon Koch and the crew at Koch’s Performance are vintage Yamaha snowmobile restoration experts. They can turn almost any old Yamaha snowmobile into a vintage show piece.

They have many sources for vintage Yamaha OEM and reproduction parts, and having grown up with them, a love for the sleds. They have done many restorations, including some for famous people, as well as their own show sleds and tough to beat racing sleds. If you are considering restoring a vintage Yamaha snowmobile, Koch’s Performance should be your first stop.

A good example of their work is the Lynn Trapp C23 1972 SR 643. The years had not been kind to this proud old sled when Leon Koch came across it. It was painstakingly restored by Leon and crew, and is now a showpiece that would make any collector or museum proud to own it.

1972 SR 643 Before

Yamaha Snowmobile Experts

It doesn’t matter if you want to just bring a favorite old sled back to running condition, or if you want to make it a white glove show piece, the vintage Yamaha snowmobile experts at Koch’s Performance should be your number one stop.

They live and breathe vintage Yamaha at Koch’s. If they are not repairing or restoring the old sleds in the shop, they are racing them on weekends and winning. Vintage Yamaha snowmobiles are not just their specialty at Koch’s Performance, it is their passion and way of life. That is the guy you want building your vintage Yamaha restoration project.

To say that they are hard to beat is a little bit of an understatement. At the 2008 Eagle River Reunion, they raced in 13 classes and brought home 10 first place trophies and three second place trophies on their prime vintage Yamaha iron.

At Koch’s Performance we want to put our years of experience and winning tradition to work for you. We are Vintage Yamaha Snowmobile specialists with the parts and service experience for any Yamaha snowmobile repair or vintage restoration project.